Robocalls, IVR Broadcasts, Voice Broadcasting, etc…

Call it what you want, but they all mean the same thing.  Your getting a call at dinner from a machine.

There is a bit of good news in 2009 for those that get these calls as well as for those that send them.  Of course this is all a matter of perspective. There are two stages to the change: In December 2008, robocalls were required to include an automated key-press or voice-activated opt-out. Beginning September 2009, telemarketers won’t be able to send out any robocalls without “the prior express written agreement of the recipient to receive such calls.”

The benefit here for companies is that they may now broadcast without repercussion to those that accept to receive the calls (sans Political Messages of course). I believe this is how it should be, as dialing white page data is merely war dialing. The FTC amended this telemarketing rule after reviewing a slew of complaints from the public.

F9 Group, Inc. currently operates a large variety of voice broadcasting services, and has changed its broadcasting structure to accommodate the new law. Our inbound/outbound system tracks current customers and establishes electronic signatures to manage the opt in and opt out procedures.

Several loan modification, SEO, call center, infomercial and media buying companies have already started using the product.

For those that wish to comment on the new law or for those who wish to seek some free advice on how they can overcome some challenges of the changing market, feel free to contact F9 Group, or post a comment below.

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